Stoyanova, Olya

Stoyanova, Olya

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Olya Stoyanova was born in 1977 and she is a writer, poet and playwright. She has a PhD in Journalism and Mass Culture from Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ochridski’. Olya Stoyanova has won several awards from prestigious competitions in poetry, prose and drama. She is an author of nine books – two short stories collection, one non-fiction book, four poetry collections, one novel, and a collection with plays.

Olya’s poetry book – Street “Happiness” won in 2013 The National Award Nikolay Kanchev for the poetry book of the Year and The National Award Ivan Nikolov 2013 for the poetry book of the Year.

Her play “Invitation to dinner” (Theatre „Sofia“) won the National Award Askeer for the Best Dramatic Text of the Year 2014. In 2018 her play ‘The Color of Deep Waters’ (The National Theatre ‘Ivan Vazov’) won again the National Askeer Award in the category for Best Dramatic Text of the Year.

Her short stories, poems and plays have been translated into Spanish, German, English, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Polish, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Greek and Vietnamese.



Photographs (which won the Veselin Hanchev Poetry contest 2000)

Prose (Publishing House ‘Zhanet-45’, 2002)

Road Map (Youth Centre – Rousse, 2003, it won first prize for poetry, organized by century Literary Journal and Youth Centre)

Street Happiness (Publishing House ‘Zhanet-45’, 2013, it won The Nikolay Kanchev  Award 2013 for the Best poetry book of the Year; it won The Ivan Nikolov Poetry Award 2013 for the Best poetry book of the Year)


Personal Geographies (Publishing House ‘Zhanet-45’2005)

Short stories

What Do Wolves Dream (Publishing House ‘Siela’, 2011)

Intense Clouding (Publishing House ‘Zhanet-45’, 2017, it was nominated for the annual Prize for Fiction and Íumanities for 2018, Communitas Foundation)


A Guide to Wild Places (Publishing House ‘Zhanet-45’, 2011)


Small Goodbye Rituals (Publishing House Black Flamingo, 2015)



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