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Petar Denchev is a Bulgarian writer and stage director. In 2010, he completed his bachelor’s degree in theater directing at the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theater and Film Arts.

Denchev’s first literary appearance was the short story Malakoff, I Want to Grow Old, which won Altera magazine’s Ecstasy contest in 2006. It was later published in English in the American magazine The Litter Box Magazine (2010).

His novel Just Like a Man Kisses a Woman He Loves won first place in the Razvitie (Development) contest for the Best New Bulgarian Novel in 2007. Petar Denchev has published in various Bulgarian magazines: Capital Light, Altera, Vagabond, Prostori, LIK, etc. His last book, Stories from the Past (2011), was published by Janet 45 and is a short story collection. His new book, The Silent Sun, is coming out soon, published by Janet 45.

Denchev is also the director of the following performances: Death & the Devil (Youth Theater, Sofia, 2009), Squabbles (National Academy for Theater, 2010), The Maids (National Academy for Theater, 2010) and The Woman Before (State Drama Theater Pazardzhik, 2011). 




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