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Palmi Ranchev was born in Sofia, where he has been occupied with various activities from sports and business to journalism and television. However, writing turned out to be his most durable passion. Affected by the restrictions of the prior 1989 period, Ranchev defines himself as a writer in a drawer. His poetic works have been gathered in several collections such as The Hat of the Wonderer, Manhattan Almost an Event, Rag Flag, Hotel Room, Midnight Man: a Biography, A Lover of Lonely Streets and Desolate Houses, What a Blue: Visible and Hidden. His works in prose include three novels Streets and Avenues, Direction Sacramento, published in Berlin by Dietrich Publishing House, and Anonymous Snipers, as well as five collections of stories Difficult Breathing, Street Games, Sunday Lunch, Amateurs and Professionals and Some Luck for a Little Bit Later, printed in Vienna by Wieser Publishing House.

Ranchevs stories and poetry have been included in Bulgarian and foreign anthologies of contemporary Bulgarian literature. His works have been translated in English, French, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish, Serbian, Greek and other languages.

Ranchev is among the four winners of the international Bank Austria Literaris award for literary works from Eastern and Southeastern Europe (2008).



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