“for Ventsi” and “Dream of the Wall and Key” by Nikolay Boykov, translated by Jonathan Dunne

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Another writer who attended the 2010 Sozopol Fiction Seminar and then wrote a poem about it is Niki Boikov. In fact he wrote two, both of which are reproduced here in my translation. The second is dedicated to the important Australian writer Alex Miller, an inspiring member of this year’s faculty.

for Ventsi

say me your name, I said

as we made love on the rainy morning of 1st June in the attic room on Skobelev, in the pushes of the outer meeting of our bodies, bending my face over yours, seeking your lips

say it’s Joro, you said as we lay lazily relaxed side by side

on leaving we embraced slowly, cosily, tenderly

a kiss? I asked

I only kiss when I’m in love, you said

yes I know, I replied

gradually, coyly, airily, we said goodbye, touched tips

9 June 2010, 12-12.15

Dream of the Wall and Key

for Alex Miller

I slept huddled next to a wall of doors

endless like a wall without end

I woke up

in my mouth was a key

I unlocked the first closest door

There in a windowless room

huddled next to the wall opposite the door

a man sat and slept

in his mouth a key

I woke him up

and we went to wake up

the others asleep

behind other doors of white rooms

Until I woke up

Posted by Jonathan Dunne

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