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Francine Giguere

As a teenager I was an avid dancer of Balkan folkdances. This developed into a broader interest in language and culture. My favourite area was Bulgaria but, once at university in Canada, I found that Bulgarian was rarely taught.

I decided to start with Russian and, eventually, a visiting professor offered an introductory course in Bulgarian language. In the mid-seventies I obtained a scholarship that took me to study for a year in Sofia where I finally learned to speak Bulgarian. Having later gained a Ph. D. in Slavic linguistics (University of Michigan), I found that there were few academic jobs so I turned to translation. I have been doing free-lance translation since 1985, translating everything from scientific articles, to commercial and personal documents from Bulgarian, French and Russian.

As a graduate student, I translated a short story by Elin Pelin and in recent years I have participated in translating books by French authors. My greatest wish is to concentrate my efforts on literary translation and I plan to devote more time to the translation of Bulgarian authors.

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