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Jonathan Dunne was born in Kingston-upon-Thames, England, in 1968 and studied Classics at Oxford University. He is director of the publishing house Small Stations Press, which publishes quality literature in English and Bulgarian, including an anthology of Raymond Carver’s poetry and a Galician novel, The Carpenter’s Pencil, both in Bulgarian translation. He translates from Bulgarian, Catalan, Galician and Spanish into English. His translations of work by authors such as Iana Boukova, Tsvetanka Elenkova, Ivan Teofilov, Manuel Rivas and Enrique Vila-Matas have been published by Random House, Shearsman Books and Shoestring Press in the UK and Europa Editions, New Directions and Overlook Press in the US, and have appeared in the magazines Absinthe, Calque, Modern Poetry in Translation, Poetry Review, Poetry Wales and Zoland among others. They have been nominated for major literary prizes, including the 2003 International IMPAC Award, the 2008 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the 2009 Warwick Prize for Writing. He has written two books: a poetry collection, Even Though That (2004), and a study of English word connections, The DNA of the English Language (2007). Recent projects include the publication of the major Galician novel by Manuel Rivas Books Burn Badly and a comprehensive study of contemporary Galician poetry for Poetry Review, the magazine of the UK’s Poetry Society.

Selected Webliography:

Thirteen poems by Iana Boukova in Take Five 07 (Shoestring Press, 2007);

Three poems by Tsvetanka Elenkova in Absinthe (Spring 2007);

Seventeen poems by Tsvetanka Elenkova in The International Literary Quarterly (November 2008).

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