Sekulova, Angelina

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Angelina Sekulova was born on May 6, 1970, in Montana, Bulgaria and pursued her secondary studies at the local German and English Language school until 1989, when she enrolled in English at Sofia University. She obtained her master’s degree in 1994.

Her first translations were made on the initiative of one of her teachers, who maintained contacts with publishing houses and was asked to recommend a list of promising students.

After graduation, Angelina was employed as an in-house assistant for a recently founded Bulgarian NGO focused on minority and religious rights. Gradually, she established a network of contacts, both through written and interpretation assignments, and began collaborating with translation agencies, corporate customers and other NGOs.

Currently, her specialisations cover aspects of human rights issues, domestic violence, family and criminal law, renewable energy sources, and finance.

The translation of poetry and fiction, singing and gardening are occupations that she had set aside as a collection of cherished jewels, shared only with the dearest of friends.

Such as Maria. Or Betti Fayon

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